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Dermatologic Care, Inc. - Lisa A. Pawelski, MD

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

  • Your current insurance card 
  • Insurance copayment (due the day you are seen, and we are not able to bill you for that) 
  • A complete list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications, including topicals (medicines applied externally), vitamins, supplements, and anything else you use, even if only once in awhile. 
  • If you have been seen elsewhere for something you’ll be asking us about, make sure we have all pertinent biopsies, labs, consultations, and/or cultures. If you have already seen several doctors for the same problem, please have records transferred by your appointment date. If records are extensive, consider mailing or bringing copies rather than tying up multiple fax machines. We are not “owned” by any of the local health systems, so we do not have automatic access to your electronic records. 
  • Your glasses—if needed for filling out forms 
  • Your hearing aid, if you have one
  • If a parent/legal guardian is not accompanying a minor under age 18, we’ll need a signed note and a phone number where we can reach the parent/guardian during the visit (or our "minor consent form").